1. 20 Spurgeon Quotes That Show Why He Still Matters


  3. “This summer, put your phone away for a few days. Make some memories that no-one knows about. Make some memories that are just yours.”


    I will

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  7. It’s not that you were merely forgiven of sin by Christ.

    It’s that you’re given grace to be so much more: for a mission specifically wired for you to heal your corner of the universe, to live a fully forgiven life that passionately seeks restoration in all the broken places. God saved you from sin, but He also made you for Him. He brought you from death to a real life, to not merely soak in but also pour out.

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  9. fadedlove21:


at my future wedding and funeral service




    at my future wedding and funeral service


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  11. “The moment when you think everything has gone wrong is exactly the moment when the beauty of God is shining through you. True glory is almost always hidden— when you are enduring quietly with no cheering crowd.”
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  13. If everyone is obeying God’s “calling” to be a missionary wherever they are, then God is calling 99.9995% of people to work among the 44.3% of the world population that already has the gospel, and calling virtually no one (.0005%) to relocate among the other 53.7% of the world population that is not Christian. You have a better chance of being in a plane crash than being one of the few missionaries to the unreached out of the total 2 billion Christians in the world.

    In light of God’s word this seems unfathomable, and it appears to be almost complete disobedience on the part of the Church worldwide to go make disciples of all the nations. Financially, we are hoarding 99.99% of our income to ourselves and what little is given is mostly directed toward reached people groups.

    The current status quo is to do virtually nothing to reach the UPG’s of the world. The percentages of man-power and money focused on UPG’s are almost undetectable they are so small. The amount of resources that fall off the Christian table for unreached peoples is more comparable with the number of skin cells you lose over a month’s time: something hardly worth calling a sacrifice of the body.

    A response to whether or not God is to blame for “not calling people to missions”


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  17. “It was in that moment that I turned to God and gave him my loneliness that I began to sense God’s presence working in my life again. He started asking me questions like this: ‘If I asked you to move overseas, would you go? If you were to be single your entire life, would you still walk in purity? If no one ever liked a single word I asked you to speak, would you still preach? If your job remained difficult, would you still serve me? If I never fixed your problems, would you still worship me? If I never gave you a faithful friend again, would you still love your neighbor as you love yourself? If the gospel was offensive to every unbeliever you know, would you still share your faith?’ And the underlying question behind all that God was speaking into my heart was this: ‘Am I still worthy of worship?’”
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